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Nilfisk-Advance Adphibian Walk Behind Battery Powered Carpet Extraction Machine - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk-Advance Adphibian Walk Behind Battery Powered Carpet Extraction Machine

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Nilfisk-Advance ADPHIBIAN Carpet Extraction Machine

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The Nilfisk ADPHIBIAN is a battery-powered automatic multi surface machine. It can be used for cleaning both carpets and hard floors.

This is done by a simple change of configuration, which gives flexibility and lowers the cost of very effective cleaning.

There are two arrangements for cleaning carpets, there is a "LIFT" mode or RESTORATION mode to help protect a hotel, or hospital's investment in floor coverings.

"LIFT" mode, is a low-moisture technology uses a patented indirect spray feature that provides superior cleaning while increasing productivity and reducing water consumption.

EDS - ECO Dosage Solution comes standard, an on-board management of detergent for optimal savings of water and detergent, to avoid over-wetting floor coverings. This is a operation that should be undertaken by a careful and skilled operator, as wet floor coverings can take a long time to dry. To avoid deterioration of the building's air quality, floor coverings should be dry within 30 minutes.

Wet floor coverings otherwise, will need to use  air-blowers or ventilators that create an otherwise unwanted obstruction and noise. Damp carpets can grow mould, that release spores to make people in that environment, sick.

The over application of detergent not only wastes chemical, but can leave sticky residue behind.

  • Multi-tasking machine for both hard floors and soft floors, lowers the total cost of cleaning
  • Low sound level and quick dry time ensure the Adphibian is safe for daytime cleaning
  • EDS, ECO Dosage Solution for longer running time and precise detergent metering
  • High cleaning result, CRI Seal of Approval for deep cleaning of carpets with dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes which reduce the wear on carpet pile, preserving the life of the carpet
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • On-board battery charger, simply plug into a power-point.
  • One Year Commercial Warranty

Technical Data

Rated Voltage For Onboard Charger; 230Volts AC  Battery Voltage; 4 x 6 Volt = 24Volt DC

Rated Power; 2,040Watts   Pump Pressure; 100PSI

Sound Pressure Level - Extraction Mode; 69 dB(A)   Airflow - Extraction Mode; 44 Lit/Sec

Sound Pressure Level - Scrubbing Mode; 66 dB(A)   Airflow - Scrubbing Mode; 32 Lit/Sec

Vacuum at Nozzles; 17.4 kPa   Working Width; 61cm   Suction Width; 65cm / 91cm

Solution Tank Capacity; 76 Litre   Recovery Tank Capacity; 61 Litre

Dimensions; 142cm Long x 69cm Wide x 111cm High   Operating Mass; 295kg

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