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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk-Advance Adfinity X20R Rev Battery Powered Auto Scrubber-Drier NLA

SKU 56390051

Nilfisk-Advance Adfinity X20R Rev Battery Powered Gearbox Driven Auto-Scrubber Drier - Information Page Only

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In a single pass, with random orbital scrubbing technology the X20R scrubs deeper, more
uniformly and leaves floors with a perfectly scrubbed surface without swirl marks, hence it's more efficient, so restoring floors can now be a one person job.

With random orbital scrubbing technology it results in cleaner scrubbing action that won't spread solution on to adjacent surfaces or carpets. It's also Greener, with the EcoFlex solution system using less chemicals, possibly using water alone, because it has complete control of the detergent.

The X20 features a traction drive system which saves energy and reduces labour required to complete the task. It's also quieter, which allows scrubbing to take place at any time of the day, reducing labour costs. One year commercial warranty.

Scrub Brush Motor Power; 560 Watts  Vacuum Motor Power; 330 Watts

Traction Motor Power; 200 Watts  Traction Speed; 4.8 km/hr Battery Voltage; 24Volts 

Sound Pressure Level; 65.8 (Db(A)  Theoretical Productivity Rate;  2454 m/hr.

Brush Pressure; 26/32 kg Mass With Batteries: 189 kg. Mass Without Batteries: 107 kg.

Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 40 Litres Recovery Tank Capacity; 40 Litres.

Scrubbing Width; 51 cm   Recovery Squeegee Width;  76 cm   Brush Width; 51 cm  

Dimensions: 122 cm long x 54 cm wide x 105 cm high

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