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GERNI G109 G110 and G112 Series Electrical Cold Water Pressure Washer OBSOLETE - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


GERNI G109 G110 and G112 Series Electrical Cold Water Pressure Washer OBSOLETE

No Longer Available
Style: GERNI10

The GERNI G109 G110 and G112 Series Electrical Cold Water Pressure Washer

Obsolete Replaced By Gerni Poseidon 2-22                             Partslist HERE

Single phase machine constructed for professional use with guaranteed motor and pump quality. Used for cleaning in the commercial sector, farming and light industrial sector.

SAFETY FEATURES FOR G109 G110 and G112 Series

  • Overload Protector – Thermal switches in the pump motor housing will protect the motor against overheating.
  • Built in Safety Valves – If the water pressure exceeds the normal working pressure the safety valve will open the by-pass and thereby prevent damage to the high pressure cleaner.
  • Flow switches - should the water be turned off and the pressure cleaner is running the flow switch is activated and stops the pressure cleaner before any damage can occur.
  • Gerni Patented By-pass System – When the unit is operating and the pistol is released the by-pass system is activated. When activated there is no pressure left in the hose, pistol, or lance itself making the unit not only the safest system available but also very user friendly.
  • Gerni Pumps – Axial Piston Pump, driven by a power source through a cam disc sometimes called a ‘wobble or swash plate’. This is the most efficient and the style used in all Gerni manufactured pumps. Everything is in line, resulting in minimum friction loss and requiring a smaller power source.
  • Optional extra Gerni Patented Turbo Laser Lance – Individual water drops are 10 times larger and 1000 times heavier than those from a traditional nozzle are. As a result, at a distance of 20cm the Gerni Turbo Laser spray retains 90% of its power while spray from a conventional nozzle retains only 15%.
Technical Data:

    * Rated Voltage 230Volt XX Amperes 50Hz * 10 Amp Plug * Auto Stop/Start

    * Pressure; XXXX PSI   * Turbo Pressure; XXXX PSI   * Brass Pump Head

    * FLOW RATE: XXX LPH   * HOSE: X meter   * Variable Nozzle Lance

    * Optional Turbo Lance * Built-In Trolley; * Adjustable Detergent Injector

    * Dimensions: X mm Long x X mm Wide x X mm High    * Mass; X Kg

    * Pump Speed; XXXX RPM   * Cleaning Power; XX kW

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