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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Gerni Domestic Pressure Washer Standard O Ring Kit Of Two Sets Of 5

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SKU 128470198

Try and choose the individual "O" rings below!

I suggest this kit is a waste of money, and very little use at all.

Gerni domestic pressure washer standard "O" ring kit of two sets of five O-rings with grease.

At 12.00 O'Clock Find the very popular tiny 5.1mm x 1.6mm green "O" ring Pn. 3004304 HERE

At 1.00 O'Clock Find the 9.6mm x 2.4mm black "O" ring for the M21 brass screw threaded HP end of the hose here: Pn. 3001211

At 2.00 O'Clock Find the 11mm x 2.5mm black "O" ring for the the inlet adaptor where the garden hose supply's the water into the pump it's also suitable for the garden tap. There seems to be no separate part number for it.

At 10.00 O'Clock Find the 7mm x 1.2mm black "O" ring for the female end of the Click&Clean spray lance where the jet fits into it Pn 3004312

At 11.00 O'Clock Find the 9.3mm x 2.4mm black "O" ring for the Click&Clean spray lance where it fits into the pistol grip : Pn. 126481125 it's probably also suitable for the click and clean jets and nozzles

The description on the box says thus:

"2 complete kits for replacement of worn O-rings found on STANDARD accessories for GERNI DOMESTIC high pressure cleaners. Included in the kit is also grease for the lubrication of the O-rings"

NOTE: They are NOT for the pistol grips or spray gun handles.

Be aware, when buying these from the large hardware stores, people take some of these rings from the packaging!

The kit should suit the following Gerni models

Gerni CLASSIC 100.3 and the  Gerni Classic 110.4 and the Gerni CLASSIC 120.4 and the Gerni CLASSIC 125.2 as well as the Gerni Super range, such as the Gerni SUPER 130.2 and the Gerni SUPER 135.2 and the  Gerni Super 135.3 and the Gerni Super 140.3 PLUS and the Gerni Super 145.2 as well as the Gerni ULTIMATE 130.2

As well as the corresponding Nilfisk-ALTO models.

See the consumer accessory book HERE

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