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Gerni Super 145.2 Click and Clean G3 SP Pressure Washer Gun Handle Green - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Gerni Super 145.2 Click and Clean G3 SP Pressure Washer Gun Handle Green

Style: 128500060

Gerni branded, green coloured SP G3 Gerni Click&Clean C&C G3 pressure washer spray gun pistol grip

If your a regular user of your Gerni pressure cleaner, consider the G5 pistol grip which has a brass internal valve, instead of a plastic valve HERE, however, it's more expensive.

Other than the Gerni Super 145.2 I'M NOT CERTAIN WHICH  of the Gerni models and the corresponding Nilfisk-ALTO models it will suit.

These are very popular spare part, and a constant enquiry we get, is, "Can we get a repair kit for this pistol grip?"

At the time of writing, in our experience, we've found that trying to repair a G4 or G3 gun, even if you have the correct "O" rings and a new valve does not always give reliable long term performance.

By the time you've bought the valve and "O" rings and wasted your time putting it in, and then a few weeks/months later it goes again, you may as well just get a new gun.

The permanent solution is to get a G5 gun HERE This has a brass internal valve. It is from a higher model in the range and has the same click fitting for the hose and the bayonet fitting for the lance.

See the consumer accessory book HERE

Maximise the saving on postage and buy some of the related parts below, such as a hose, filters for your Nilfisk or ALTO vacuum cleaner, or a new floor tool and hose.

At the moment standard postage within Australia, is capped at a maximum of $20!

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