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NilfiskCFM S2 TYPE H Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Asbestos - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

Hazardous Nilfisk Vacuums

NilfiskCFM S2 TYPE H Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Asbestos

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NilfiskCFM S2 HAZARDOUS Vacuum Cleaner EN STANDARD 60335.2.69

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By NILFISK, the CFM S2 Haz comes Complete with absolute filter and dust bag kit. It replaced the venerable Nilfisk GM82 and the trusty Nilfisk GM625 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and now the NilfiskCFM127 hazardous industrial vacuum cleaners.

The solid structure of this new vacuum from CFM is compact and complete, Approved to EN Standard 60335.2.69 for hazardous dusts with the maximum power available from Australian power outlets.

With a modification, it is also able to clean up liquids. It is used with success in all sectors, from metal-working to ceramics and food industries. It's available in either 60 or 100 litres container capacity.

Cutting-edge innovations such as an electronic keypad with LED indicators to monitor the performance of the main and HEPA filters.


Household vacuum cleaners must never be used where #asbestos is or may be present, even if they have a HEPA filter. Only vacuum cleaners complying with the requirements of EN 60335.2.69:2003 are to be used.

Phases: 1; Rated power: 2,000; Depression: 2,150 kPa; Airflow: 5,500 l/min; Main filter area: 19,500cm²; Sound level: 70 dB(A); Dustbag/tank capacity: 44 Litres; Mass: 65kg;

Dimensions: 130cm High x 60cm Wide x 80cm Long

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