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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

ALTO KEW Force 5000 Light Domestic Use Pressure Washer OBSOLETE


Nilfisk-ALTO KEW Force Consumer Pressure Washer

This page is here for your info only. Partslist HERE  Accessory Catalogue HERE

THIS MACHINE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE But SOME replacement parts are, check the pdf drawing HERE and Contact Us  with the PART NUMBER for its availability.

Check in the related items below for an alternative Kerrick or Nilfisk pressure washer!

The Nilfisk-ALTO KEW Force is a domestic cleaner offering “home duty” capabilities with a single phase electric output. This machine has a compact upright design with a fixed handle, and auto stop/start function.

The models in this range, include: Force E 5000 and the Force E 5050 X-TRA and the Force E 5350 X-TRA and the Force E 5450 X-TRA, and the Force E 5050 X-TRA, and the Force E 5500 X-TRA, and the Force E 5650 X-TRA

Click and clean accessory concept with a Tornado nozzle; Powerspeed nozzle; foam sprayer kit, detergent, complete with a domestic/hobby use warranty

AND WE GET MANY, MANY, ENQUIRIES for them, especially the pressure switch actuators, see below!!

WHAT PRESSURE IS IT? Check the paint colour on the spring! 120Bar has YELLOW paint on it, whilst 110Bar is BLACK paint!!

For the accessories see the catalogue HERE

Specifications Force 5000 110Bar

HP Power consumption (Hot); 230Volt  7Amp  1700Watts

HP Water Quantity; 6.3 Lit/Min LP Water Quantity; 7.3 Lit/Min

HP Pump Pressure;  98Bar LP Pump Pressure;  7Bar

ByPass Pressure; 50Bar Max  Nozzle = Tornado Nozzle

HP Nozzle Pressure; 96Bar LP Nozzle Pressure; 5Bar

Specifications Force 5000 X-TRA 120 bar

HP Power consumption; (Hot)  230Volt  8.5Amp  1900Watts

HP Water Quantity; 6.7 Lit/Min LP Water Quantity; 7.7 Lit/Min

HP Pump Pressure;  108Bar  LP Pump Pressure;  8Bar

Bi-Pass Pressure; 60Bar Nozzle = Tornado 15/65

HP Nozzle Pressure;  106Bar  LP Nozzle Pressure;  6Bar

Replace your KEW hobby use pressure washer, with the better supported Kerrick brand of water blasters founded in Australia in 1937 sent with Free Freight Australia Wide!