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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Nilfisk-ALTO Attix 560-21 XC Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner This Page For Info Only

SKU 302001729AGK

Nilfisk-Alto Attix 5 Xtreme Clean 560-21 XC Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

No longer available, it's replaced by the 40 litre TYPE M HS42 L40 MC here this page is for your information and to relate to its replacement parts and accessories.

Andy says the ATTIX 560-21 XC Wet and Dry is perfect for users who need a vacuum cleaner requiring a larger holding capacity and features that focus on efficiency.

A quiet vacuum with superior suction performance, automatic filter cleaning, anti-static capability and many other features for work as a dust extractor

The larger size of the Nilfisk-ALTO ATTIX 560-21 XC allows you to work longer without having to empty the container, and with the wide range of available models, it's difficult to imagine that you won't find a perfect match for your wet or dry vacuum cleaning tasks.

Operating costs are minimized with the washable PET Fleece filter elements, and the low working noise level lets you work when others are nearby without disturbing them. Automatic On/Off models are the choice for people who will use the machine with electric hand tools because starting or stopping the tool starts and stops the vacuum as well.


  • Robust, ergonomic, and powerful... the definition ATTIX 560-21 XC
  • XtremeClean. Fully automatic filter cleaning system (on many models) takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds without interrupting your work.
  • Washable PET fleece filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs.
  • SilentPower. High performance that is seen, but not heard.
  • 45 litre container volume and a filter bag for the ultimate in effective filtration.

 The Vacuum Doctors Personal Thoughts.

An eyeful is better than an earful!! So view the video on the Nilfisk-Alto Attix Xtream vacuum system.

 We also sell the GREY Nilfisk-Advance version as well, the Nilfisk Grey-Line IVB5 M and IVB7

The ATTIX 560-21XC by Nilfisk-Alto. This is is a very quiet, 57 dB(A) 70 litre heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaner, with a 1500 Watt motor giving an airflow of 60 litre/sec. At a vacuum of 23 kPa.

With its large rear wheels and front lockable castors makes this cleaner very maneuverable. It has a 7.5m cable and comes supplied with a stainless steel tubed, trade and industrial hose and nozzle kit. Replacement filters are also affordable enough allowing you to have a couple on hand which can be rotated between each job, and they can be vacuumed, washed and dried enabling them to last a long time. They are easily fitted by the operators.

The machine comes with a 12 month warranty covering faulty manufacture and workmanship. 

This machine differs from its competitors; being fitted with an automatic filter cleaning mechanism, which works fantastically well, and is best demonstrated by the short video. In the video, a WHOLE 25 Kg. bag of cement is vacuumed up and the machine doesn't lose suction. Then when the bag is emptied, the machine is opened, showing it full of the cement powder. The machine automatically blows back through the filter every 30 secs, keeping it clean and retaining highest efficiency.

Another alternative is the Nilfisk-ALTO XTREME 761-21XC We've actually carried out a similar job where we sucked up 50 litres of powder-coating paint out of a machine in one hit. The clean side of the filter was as clean as a whistle afterwards and there was no loss of suction at all during the task. 

Factsheet HERE


Maximise the FREE FREIGHT offer on replacing this item with the 40 litre TYPE M HS42 L40 MC here from our website, and anything purchased along side it, such as in the related items below, such as extra filters, fittings or accessories, will also be shipped free, Australia wide!