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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

40cm Short Trim Provac Pad Holder For Automatic Floor Scrubber Or Polisher


This is the product pictured at the back of the picture. It has short green bristles on it, but it's not a brush, it's for holding polishing and scrubbing abrasive pads ie, the red, white, green, black one most cleaners are familiar with. Especially the Polivac PV25

It fits on very quickly to the Provac quick release cloverleaf Instalock part pictured below it, which is fixed on to the drive on the rotor of the polisher or floor scrubbing machines

At the moment, standard postage within Australia is capped at a maximum of $25! So maximise the saving on postage and buy some other accessories in the related items below!