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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425!

Ametek 119625 1100W 2 Stage ByPass Tangential Ducted Vacuum Motor


Ametek 119625 1100W 2 Stage ByPass Tangential Ducted System Vacuum Motor 230V

SHANGHAI Ametek 1100Watt 2 stage bypass tangential electric vacuum cleaner motor 230V Current Rating 3.5 Amp  655 is written on the laminations

Height: 170mm Base height: 71mm  Diameter: 145mm  Laminations Depth: 40mm Fixing Holes 150mm Apart (APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS ONLY)

Suits VALET: V1S, V1P, V3P, V115, VB150

AussieVac: AV1100, AV2400

Electron (EVS): EDP2404

Premier Clean: Monarch 490, Premier 490, Bagless 490

Lux: CD101DSC

DAS Vac: DV1

SAFETY WARNING! All electrical parts should ONLY be fitted by an electrically COMPETENT person

At the moment standard postage within Australia, is capped at a maximum of $25, so maximise the saving on postage and buy something in related items below!

We at TVD carry out in-home repairs on built-in ducted vacuum systems in the Perth area from $135, call 08 9362 6044