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Nilfisk BA410S Battery Operated Automatic Floor Scrubber Drier Replaced BY SC400B - TVD The Vacuum Doctor

Nilfisk Scrubbing

Nilfisk BA410S Battery Operated Automatic Floor Scrubber Drier Replaced BY SC400B

No Longer Available
Style: 908-7053-020

Nilfisk BA410S Battery Operated Floor Scrubber Drier

Now replaced by the Nilfisk SC401 43 B                      Find The Partslist HERE

The BA410 scrubber/dryer is the compact forerunner to the Nilfisk SC400B, with a 43 cm scrubbing deck, has all the features normally associated with larger machines. It can handle all types of floors as well as tackling stripping tasks.

  • This machine is supplied with batteries, an on-board battery charger and cleaning brush.
  • The machine features the ECO water and chemical saving concept and is suited to a wide variety of institutional or commercial applications.
  • Easy to use, simple to maintain and productivity of 1,720 m2 per hour
  • A built in hook permits to store the brush in front of the machine
  • A special wheel protects the brush during parking and ensures an easy transportation
  • Removable recovery tank for easy cleaning, and for full access to batteries and main components.


* Rated Power: 750Watts * Scrub Brush Motor Power; ?Watts  * Vacuum Motor Power; ?Watts

* Vacuum Motor Airflow: ?Lit/Sec  * Depression: ?  * Traction Speed;  4km/hr

* Battery Voltage; 24Volts * Sound Pressure Level; 65 dB(A) @ 1.5m

* Theoretical Productivity Rate;  1720m/hr.  * Actual Productivity Rate;  1035m/hr.

* Brush Pressure; 23kg * Mass With Batteries: 136kg. * Mass Without Batteries: 59kg

* Clean Solution Tank Capacity: 23 Litres  * Recovery Tank Capacity; 21 Litres

* Scrubbing Width; 43cm * Recovery Squeegee Width;  72cm  * Brush Width; 43cm  

* Dimensions: 123cm long x 57cm wide x 73 to105cm high

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