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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

NilfiskCFM IVT 1000 CR Clean Room Vacuum Cleaner Down To Class ISO 5 (ISO 4)

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NilfiskCFM IVT1000 CR Clean Room Vacuum Cleaner Range

This Page Represents The IVT 1000 Range So contact us For More Details

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Vacuum cleaning is generally an accepted procedure in clean rooms down to class ISO 5 (ISO 4). Most of the IVT 1000 CR parts can be totally sterilized before introduction into clean room environment. The IVT 1000 CR models are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316 (wheel base in AISI 304).

The IVT 1000 CR H model offers a upstream HEPA H13 filter, and a downstream ULPA U15 filter for stopping carbon particulate generated by the motor.

Paper dustbag or safe bag system for quick and easy disposal of material.

The IVT is available with a choice of three different accessory kits:

  1. Standard tool kit.  2. Autoclavable tool kit  3. Antistatic tool kit (meets ESD requirements)

Hence there are three different machines:

    1. Standard IVT1000 CR or 2. the IVT 1000 CR H,"H" class or 3. the IVT 1000 CR "Safe Pack" equipped with a HEPA filtered throw away dust container meets "H" class filtration (not certified H)


      • Optional Vacuum Gauge
      • Modular construction for easy cleaning and service
      • All stainless construction. It can be auto-claved at 121C to avoid contamination.
      • Equipped with ULPA U15 exhaust filtration. Meets ISO std.(4)5 in clean room certification
      • Electrically Earthed * 230V * 50Hz * Rated Power 1200W
      • Protection Class IP40 * TYPE H Dust Class or ULPA * Main Filter 2573m2
      • Suction Power End Of Tube 236Watts * Airflow Without Hose 35 Lit/sec
      • Depression 20KPa * Sound Pressure Level at 1.5 meters 61 dB(A) ISO3744
      • Inlet Diameter 32mm * Container Capacity 12.5Lit * Dustbag Capacity 6.5Lit
      • Dimensions 30cm Long x 30cm Wide x 70cm High * Mass 8.2Kg
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