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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Nilfisk 963-2M ED XC Easy Disposal Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

SKU 302002915

Nilfisk-Alto Attix 963-21XC ED (Easy Disposal) Vacuum Cleaner

No Longer Brought In To Australia This Page Is For Information Only Relating To Its Replacement Parts.

However, the more usual Nilfisk-ALTO Attix 965-21 SD XC and the Attix 961-01 are still available.

The Nilfisk-Alto ATTIX 9 M-CLASS Filter ED is a highly efficient and quiet industrial dry vacuum cleaners with EasyDisposal. The ATTIX 9 ED is perfect for users who need big capacity and features that focus on efficiency, with superior suction performance, automatic filter cleaning, anti-static capability and much more.

The Easy Disposal model is perfect for powder-coating and chemical handling applications, since the 'container' is an external disposal bag which can be replaced in seconds so you can continue your work without interruption.

The plastic bag can then be tied off and disposed of by baking in an old drum in an oven, in the case of powder coating, or storing for re-loading into a reprocessing system to recycle spilled product that may be slightly contaminated. This makes it extremely convenient and time-saving and a lower cost option than a "Longopac" system

Operating costs are minimized with the washable PET Fleece filter elements and the low working noise level lets you work while others are nearby without disturbing them.


But firstly let the semi "automatic" filter cleaning mechanism go through several 20 second cycles, by starting the machine with your hand blocking off the hose inlet. This will make it "WHOOMP" loudly twice, and blow the dust from the pleats of the filters. If this hasn't been done whilst it's been used, just shallow pulses, with not much 'WHOOMP" the dust will have become packed tightly into the pleats.

When these come to the workshop, with reports of poor suction, that's what we do first, and most of the time great suction returns after half a dozen twenty second cycles.


DO NOT bash these filters on walls or the ground, the pleats will distort, and possibly split and dirt will be drawn into the motor compartment.


When removing the filters from the motorhead, keep the filter downwards, and pull the cartridge down, so dust falls away from the entrance to the motor, and doesn't contaminate inside the motor head.


  • ATTIX 963 2M ED is approved for use with M Class hazardous dust.
  • Industrial specifications, robust construction, and powerful... the definition of ATTIX 9.
  • XtremeClean. Fully automatic filter cleaning system takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds without interrupting your work.
  • Washable PET fleece filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs.
  • SilentPower. High performance that is seen but not heard.
  • EasyDisposal bag allows you to finish your work without taking your container out to empty it, saves time and works efficiently.

2 x 1200 Watt Motors. 67 Db(A) 7,500 cm2 PET filter area. Continuous Filtration.

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