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VacPan Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Sweep Inlet For Easy Clean Of Kitchen Floors - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


VacPan Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Sweep Inlet For Easy Clean Of Kitchen Floors

Style: VACPAN-W $75.00

VacPan sweep inlets for fast, easy silent cleaning of household kitchen floors. They are also referred to as a VacSweep.

Simply sweep the dust, crumbs, dropped chips, and rice, towards the VacPan inlet, toe-tap the lever to open the valve, and the built-in ducted vacuum system will start.

Sweep the debris towards the vac-sweep, and it's gone in the blink of an eye! Then just toe-tap the lever, to close the valve, and the job is done, without disturbing the baby, and the kitchen floor is crumb free once more!

These are usually white, however other colours are available, such as almond beige and silver. 

These are mainly used in the kitchen, but could be put in laundries, and bathrooms.

They are best installed when having the home built, but can be retrofitted when a new kitchen is fitted. They connect to the PVC vacuum cleaner pipework or ducting. When the inlet is opened the electrodes on the low voltage control wire circuit is bridged and the vacuum system starts.

We can also replace these, should they get damaged or the decor of the kitchen is changed.

At the moment, standard postage within Australia is capped at a maximum of $20! Maximise the saving on postage and buy several Puregiene toilet rolls a box of Tissues and some soap or maybe some packets of dustbags, or a hose or a new floor tool, or some other accessories!

We at TVD carry out in-home repairs on built-in ducted vacuum systems in the Perth area from $135, call 08 9362 6044