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$30 Maximum postage throughout AUSTRALIA! And FREE postage on orders above $425!
$30 Max postage throughout AUSTRALIA! & FREE postage on orders over $425! joins in 2016! joins in 2016!

We'll be proud to bring our 1800 + mainly Nilfisk products on the Shopify platform in 2016!

Since our beginning on the web in 2004, where our first electronic brochure website was created by a student, this will be our fourth revamp of our website.

Due to the demanding standards of the internet savvy consumers of 2016, we needed to address the question most commonly asked. This being "How much is shipping to my address?" and this simply needs to be a single click away, hopefully without even leaving the page.

As well as addressing the amount of customers we see enter our office in Burswood, with our site loaded on their smart phones and tablets, so they can show us what Gerni pressure washer part they want, we needed a fast, responsive website that would look clear and bright across all platforms.

To help us achieve our desire, we chatted, widely within our network, of savvy, young but experienced business owners and developers, and approached in Highgate.

The Shopify platform enables the most basic of hobby e-commerce stores, to look as slick, as the big boy websites, with tools most website owners can just dream about!

Imagine spending your hard earned, on a new website, your told will be "live" in a couple of months, with the bells and whistles you've worked out you need, just to find once it's actually launched, after 10 months, your "new" website is already out of date!

Should a new method of purchasing come popular, or yet another Social Media platform then the instant Shopify implements their use, your Shopify site will have it!

Browsing Facebook and see an interesting blog article on one of our explosion rated Nilfisk vacuum cleaners, then it’s easy to shop on our 256 bit SSL Certificate Shopify e-commerce site, without leaving Facebook, and be comfortable you enjoy the same security level, given by our banks.

We deliver an increasing amount of Nilfisk cleaning equipment around the world each week, and the Shopify platform, will allow the checkout procedure to be translated into more than 50 languages, enabling almost everyone in the world to understand what Nilfisk floor scrubbing parts they’ve just paid for!

With plug-ins to integrate with accounting packages, there is the potential for our customer to order a part for their ALTO pressure washer machine, and be certain the part is in stock, and to make our business more efficient, the replacement part automatically be obtained from the supplier on our next order.

Other plug-ins work with freight companies, to work out delivery costs for Clarke floor sander consumables to be sent by various methods, so our customer can balance cost with delivery speed, to minimise downtime.
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