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Nilfisk and Tellus 32mm Rubber Muff For GM80 Commercial Vacuum Hoses NLA - TVD The Vacuum Doctor


Nilfisk and Tellus 32mm Rubber Muff For GM80 Commercial Vacuum Hoses NLA

No Longer Available
Style: 80612700

Original Nilfisk 32mm grey rubber muff, WITHOUT RINGS for the best quality tapered rubber, braided, or plastic commercial vacuum cleaner hoses fitted to the Nilfisk and Tellus GM80  There are no more left, so you must use Pn. 22344400

The muff rings were part number 80612800 but I don't have any of them left

These muffs, were carried by service techs for repairs in the field. They were kept in talc to keep them supple and act as a lubricant, hence the white powder!

They were usually sold in commercial situations or older domestic units, especially the Tellus branded Nilfisk products which are sold in New Zealand.

It meant for extreme flexibility and easy removal of the bent tube for removing blockages or for joining together lengths of hose.

The tapered hose was meant to reduce hose blockages occurring away from the operator where they would be oblivious to it. If an item was of sufficient dimensions to enter the pipe, there was a good chance it would continue unhindered to the dust container as the hose diameter increased. Otherwise, it could be easily retrieved out of this muff arrangement.

To easily disassemble, compress the joint in one hand and slip a ring off with the other hand.

Once you've done it a few times, you'll get the knack!

As it's light, maximise the saving on postage and buy some of the related parts below, such as dustbags and several Puregiene toilet rolls a box of Tissues and some soap or maybe a replacement hose, a new floor tool, or some other accessories!

At the moment standard postage within Australia, is capped at a maximum of $20.