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Floorwash FL-M20 200mm Wide Electrically Operated Floor Scrubber Great For Toilets!

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Floorwash FL-M20 200mm Wide Electrically Operated Floor Scrubber Great For Toilets!

Style: FL-M20

Floorwash FL-M20 Scrubber

This is a rough translation of the Italian brochure. My apologies if it reads strangely.


The Floorwash mop washes all types of flooring, carpets and rugs.

It cleans all types of surfaces well because:

  1. It doesn't put too much water on the floor.
  2. It cleans the grout joints and into the corners.
  3. It collects hair crumbs and debris with the dirty water.

Leaves floors, mats and carpets clean in a short time.

* The unit can be operated going forwards or backwards, with mopping capability in either direction

* Adjustable handle allows the operator to select the optimal cleaning position

* Folding handle makes transportation from job to job easy

* Great in areas where most floor scrubbing machines normally can't get such as under furniture.

The user benefits of Floorwash are:

Not necessary to put your hands in water.

Saves having to bend over and scrub by hand, not nice in toilet areas.

Saves time and the two rotating brushes penetrate into the tiles and the more porous grouted joints of tiled floors, removing dirt and recovering it into the recovery container that can be removed from the scrubber and easily emptied and cleaned at the end of the work.

Ideal for home or professional premises, such as physiotherapists, small clinics, shops, offices, hotels, laboratories etc.
A major advantage of using the Floorwash over manually mopping is Floorwash always cleans with clean water, rather than a mop which is only clean, the first time water is applied to the floor, and each subsequent rinse of the mop, mean the cleaning water becomes more dirty.

With the Floorwash the dirty water is recovered into the recovery tray.

The Floorwash M20 has 4 litre tank for clean water where a small amount of detergent may be added.

There are two different models, the Floorwash M20 and the larger Floorwash M30

    They both have 2 brushes, the M20 being 20 cm and the M30 has brushes of 30cm.

    The M20 has a 300 Watt induction motor whilst the M30 has 350 Watt induction motor.

    The M20 is suitable for cleaning up to 200m2 Per hour.

    The weight is 10 kg for the M20 and 12 kg for the M30. Easy to use and carry, but very effective in washing due to the contr-rotation of each brush at 800 revolutions per minute.

    The cable length is 10 meters. The width is 27cm and the lowest effective height of the Floorwash is 13.5cm ideal for reaching under low furniture, shelves, etc. From front to back it's 30cm.

      Energy saving

      The Floorwash design respects the rules of eco-compatibility in the following ways.

      • Product is designed to lasts an average of 20 years.
      • Made from recyclable materials.
      • Low power consumption (300W) compared to vacuum extraction.
      • Use either plain water or very little detergent.
      • low noise.

      Safety and liability

      Floorwash has the marks of quality and safety "IMQ" and "EC" and are warrantied for 24 months.

      Floorwash is fitted with overload protection on the motor.

      The brushes

      Brushes for floor cleaning floorwash

      Two brush hardness are available. other than medium brushes included.

      There are hard brushes for cleaning very dirty hard surfaces, suitable for workshops.

      Softer brown brushes for wool carpet or deep pile rugs.

      It's also possible to mount a brush on the side of the machine to be able to clean right up to where the wall meets the floor.

      Parts and accessories Floorwash

      Optional accessory: Accessory for washing steps.

        Specifications floorwash

        FLOORWASH M20 for areas up to 200 m / h
        ENGINE: Induction W300 V 230 Hz 50 G / m 2800
        DIMENSIONS: Length 30 cm Width 28 cm Height 13.5 cm
        WEIGHT: 10 kg load
        2 BRUSHES: Cylindrical 200x86 mm / 200x56 mm
        TANK: Removable 4-liter total capacity

        FLOORWASH M30 for areas up to 450 m / h
        ENGINE: Induction W350 V 230 Hz 50 G / m 2800
        DIMENSIONS: Length 30 cm Width 38 cm Height 13.5 cm
        WEIGHT: 11 kg load
        2 BRUSHES: Cylindrical 300x86 mm / 300x54 mm
        TANK: Extractable total capacity of 5 liters

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