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$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!
$20 Maximum postage throughout Australia! And FREE postage on orders above $400!!

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Service


Let me say at the outset, we at TVD are not, authorised Dyson vacuum cleaner service or repair agents.

As authorised Nilfisk service and repair agents, the first thing we would suggest, is to use an authorised Dyson vacuum cleaner service agent.

Manufacturers are very keen on maintaining the integrity of their product. And they expect their products to last a certain length of time, and then be replaced.

As owners of the Dyson product, you may have an expectation for the product to last longer than the designed period, and as far as reasonably practicable, minor but safe repairs to be made by skilled electrical tradesmen who have served a four year apprenticeship, not mere shopkeepers.

However, at TVD, we are asked daily, if we service and repair Dyson vacuum cleaners, it seems the Dyson vacuum cleaner owners of Perth, need a reliable place to have their machines repaired and serviced.

The first thing Dyson vacuum cleaner owners need to do, is follow the instructions for their particular model of vacuum cleaner which is on the Dyson website

Secondly, clean the filters as described in the instructions, and clean the airway along which the dust and debris travels. This will help in 90% of cases.

However, if dealing with the many brittle plastic clips and catches, that hold these colourful attractive machines together, gets beyond you, we will service or repair your Dyson vacuum cleaner for you.

Our inspection fee for the Dyson vacuum cleaner is $135 which includes 90 minutes of thorough deep cleaning, and for that we need ALL the parts of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, INCLUDING THE CHARGER SCREWED TO THE WALL!!

After the inspection fee, we will quote you for replacing any filter that cannot be cleaned, as Dyson describe most of their filters as "Lifetime" filters. Lifetime means life of the part, there are only so many washes they can take! Some cost over $150!!

The filters we would usually use are "Dyson style" generic filters.

Similarly with the electric motors and the batteries for the stickvacs..

Should replacement telescopic wands, turbo brushes etc be required, these can be obtained from Dyson, by the customer, if they are still available.

However, what we find in real life, this "doesn't happen" so for a "reasonable sourcing fee" we will buy these in, from Dyson Australia, if available, or sources in the USA and the UK, if these are classed as "obsolete" by Dyson.

Saying that we are not magicians, neither are we promoting dodgy or unsafe repairs. 99% of our Dyson vacuum cleaner repair clients have been very happy with the results we have done for them!

If after reading this, you would still prefer us at TVD to give your Dyson vacuum cleaner, a good old fashioned service, call us on 08 9362 6044

Kind regards, Andy